lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

Futesa pedagógica de madrugada

Aseguraba Giner de los Ríos que "en la contemplación de un árbol podríamos pasar enteramente nuestra vida". Yo creo que aquí comenzó a torcerse nuestra pedagogía, porque puestos a elegir cosas que ver durante toda la vida...

... y por eso después pasa lo que pasa: que se acaba teniendo niños de madera, eso si, no de cualquier madera, sino de madera ecológica:

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  1. ja ja, muy bueno
    Lo mejor que he leído sobre niños últimamente es el último párrafo de este artículo

    1. Efectivamente, magnífico, Scruton: "It is in these terms that I would respond, now, to both the radical freedom of Sartre and the radical feminism of de Beauvoir. Their philosophy was, primarily, one of rejection, a refusal to emulate or be bound by the sacrifices on which social order depends. They lived in a world of self-esteem, and because they did nothing to deserve this esteem, they postulated “bonne foi” or authenticity as sufficient grounds for it. If everyone lived and thought as they did, society would come to an end, and there would never again be children. But they needed those children—how else is the stock of lovers to be renewed? Like the effete English intellectuals of the Bloomsbury Set, the existentialists depended on what Lytton Strachey called “the marrying classes” to bear the burden of society, so that they could flit from flower to flower, enjoying a freedom that could never be allowed to those whom they despised for making it possible".

  2. El filósofo necesita a la polis


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